Want to make a change, but don’t know where to start?

Picture this: you’re at your desk, ready to start working on your website because it’s SEO day. You read a couple of articles about SEO to get yourself started and think you’ve got the basics down, but when you get to your website… crickets. You have no idea where to start or what to do. You stare at your website’s portal and get overwhelmed with everything going on.

Imagine instead that you had a personalized guide that you could work through at your own pace. Not some generic “one size fits all” plan for upping your SEO (or another big marketing task), but one tailored to your business, your website, and your industry. You read through the recommendations and know why each piece is relevant to your business, and even have a link to tutorials walking you through how to do each piece.

An audit from Something Blue will help you do just that. They’re customized, completely individual PDF guides that walk you through how to improve your business, and why each task is so important.

Website Audit

A comprehensive look at your entire website


  • Proper heading tags (so Google knows what your page is about)
  • Image tags (so your images show up in more relevant searches)
  • Page descriptions + titles (to control how your pages are seen in search results)
  • Social media sharing settings (to control how your pages look when shared on social media)

User Experience

  • Site speed
  • Desktop + mobile experience
  • User flow – how easy or complicated is it to get the information your potential brides & grooms are looking for?


10-15 page personalized PDF report

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Reputation Audit

How does your business look online?

Social Media

  • Engagement rates on Facebook, Instagram, + Pinterest (do people like your social media content?)
  • Comment sentiment analysis (are your comments mostly positive or negative?)
  • Organic mentions in Facebook Groups + Reddit (what are people saying about you?)

Reviews + Referrals

  • Profile review on listing websites (WeddingWire, etc.) (is your information up to date and accurate?)
  • Google My Business review (aka the thing that shows up on the side of the search results)
  • Organic search result review (what shows up if you search for your company?)


Personalized PDF report + 1 hour strategy call or coffee date

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More of a “do-it-yourself”-er?

Ever wonder if your website is as technically sparkling as it is aesthetically pleasing? We’re giving you free access to just a sampling of the process we go through when we conduct a website audit for our clients so you can conduct your own mini DIY website audit! Claim your guide today by filling out your information below.

We’ll give you the pieces, you put together the puzzle

We know the struggle. You hire a designer to create some gorgeous business cards, postcards, or other printed material. You love the design when she shows it to you, and love it even more when you see it on paper in person… but now what? How do you get your new cards out into the world?

Or, when it comes to an email list, the only thing you know is that you need one. What you do after you sign up with an email marketing provider is just a big question mark. How the heck do you get people to sign up for your list? How do you keep track of everyone so you’re not bombarding people with a billion emails?

At Something Blue, we offer two packages made just for busy business owners in the wedding industry. We give you all the pieces and tell you what to say, all that’s left is for you to follow through.

Traditional Marketing Package

Get your name out there with pretty and professional print design

Graphic Design

  • Business cards, pamphlets, postcards, print advertisements, banners… whatever your business needs to look great in person (maximum 2 rounds of revisions, pricing depends on quantity of items requested)
  • Professional copy editing
  • Must provide branding elements and guide (if you have one) and images

Customizable Email Scripts

  • Get your marketing materials into other wedding stores with our customized email scripts
  • Scripts professionally written and edited, tailored to your brand’s voice


3 print designs + 2 email scripts

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Email Fairy Godmother Package

Your email marketing could be the next “rags to riches” story


  • We’ll create groups to segment your email list by season and type of client (new and existing subscribers)

Automation + Drip Campaigns

  • 3 email post-signup sequence explaining you and your business
  • Written in your tone of voice
  • Designed with your branding
  • In your email program of choice

Website integration

  • Implement email signup forms on your website
  • Match your website’s branding


Email segments + 3 written emails + website integration

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Meet the Something Blue Crew

Hannah Warren

Growing up, Hannah loved numbers and patterns. After going to school for accounting, she realized that she was much better suited for a creative career, and hasn’t looked back since! She uses her analytical powers for good, helping her clients plan, organize, and schedule comprehensive campaigns and designing pixel-perfect websites and designs. Hannah’s specialties include graphic design, web development, and video production, but she loves working on all aspects of marketing!

Julia Ferriera

If someone asked us to describe Julia in just a phrase, she’d definitely be a “serial learner”. After completing her degree in marketing + international business, Julia went back to school to complete the exclusive Telfer Digital Marketing Certificate. She’s happiest when she’s taking a new course or reading up on the latest trends in digital marketing, and loves sharing her wide spectrum of knowledge with her clients. Julia’s specialties include marketing strategy, SEO, influencer marketing, and digital advertising, and she’s always looking to expand her marketing skillset!

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