Revelle Bridal Takes Back Control of their Website

Earleen of Revelle Bridal came to us unhappy with her current website situation. She found her existing website platform difficult to use, and was relying on the platform’s support team to make any changes to her site. This often resulted in what seemed like a quick typo fix or photo update taking days to complete. She wanted to move to a platform that she and her team were comfortable updating so they could take back control of their website, without having to rely on a difficult and time consuming process.

The team at Something Blue redesigned her entire website from the existing written content and new images to Squarespace; a platform she and her team had experience with. Hannah and Julia kept user experience and SEO in mind while redesigning pages, resulting in a website that is not only aesthetically representative of the luxurious experience a bride receives finding her perfect dress at Revelle, but will help them attract more brides.

Earleen and the whole Revelle Bridal team were amazing to work with. As clients, they knew exactly what they wanted in a website, and were able to succinctly communicate requested changes with us so we could make them happen. That’s our main goalβ€”ensuring clients are happy with the website we build for them!

β€” Hannah

The Revelle Bridal website was built to match the existing Shop Revelle Bridal website used to host sample sales and other online ecommerce activities. In order to create a consistent experience from one website to the next, we implemented the same colour schemes and menu style, however with more of a focus on black and white than the gold and bronze colours featured on Shop Revelle, using them as accents for titles.

As SEO was important to the Revelle team, we ensured that all slugs were properly created, as well as meta titles, descriptions, and featured images so that no matter where the Revelle site is shared, it’s putting it’s best foot forward. In an industry as prestigious as the wedding industry, creating a good client experience starts online while brides are researching vendors, like their dress boutique, and goes all the way to when they become a client. For Revelle, we were able to create not only a consistent experience, but a representatively luxurious experience as well. Another important SEO consideration was creating redirects from old pages, products, and blog posts on the old site to the newly created pages on the new site. This was vital to ensuring a good user experience for website visitors as the previous site’s URL structure was inconsistent. Over 85 URLs total were mapped to the appropriate location on the new website.

Working with Hannah and Julia on our website redesign was super easy and stress-free. Their knowledge and expertise combined with their enthusiasm made what could have been a tedious process a fun and exciting one and we are thrilled with the end result.

β€” Earleen

In addition to creating the site, we implemented a number of marketing features, including Google Analytics tracking, Facebook Pixel, and integrations with Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. By having data available on multiple sources, the Revelle Bridal team will be able to see where their website visitors are coming from, what they’re doing on the site, and what encourages them to book an appointment to find the dress of their dreams.

Revelle is a luxurious bridal boutique for brides with modern style in Ottawa. Located in the trendy Wellington Village, Revelle offers a collection of boho bridal gowns and accessories.

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July 2020



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