Ready to learn how to use Instagram’s newest feature?

Guide-ception: A Guide about Guides

When we saw that Guides was released for Instagram, we were over the moon. The possibilities for wedding vendors to use Guides as part of their Instagram strategy is literally endless, and we can’t wait to start seeing more vendors taking advantage of this feature. Not only that, but Instagram rewards users who try out new features with expanded reach, a spot on the Explore page, and better visibility in the ever-changing algorithm. There’s no reason not to be using Instagram Guides for your wedding business!

Using guides is a great way to differentiate yourself in the wedding industry

Let’s real talk for a second – many of your competitors aren’t using Guides yet. Some might not even know that they exist! Take advantage of Instagram’s new feature and secure your place in the market as a forward-thinking wedding vendor by using Guides strategically.

Guides are a fantastic way to not only share your content strategically on Instagram, but create better connections with other wedding vendors in your area. What are you waiting for? Learn how to use Guides today with our FREE guide!

What you’ll learn:

  • The history of Instagram Guides
  • The types of available Guides
  • How to categorize your posts for Guides
  • PLUS 60 Guides ideas for various wedding vendor types

Start using Guides for your wedding business.

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