Ready to get your content seen more often on InstagraM?

Did you know that INstagram favours accounts who try new features?

Just like you’d reward a dog when they learn a new trick, Instagram rewards accounts that use their new features. That means more people viewing your content, more followers, and ultimately more potential revenue.

Reels isn’t just about catchy dances and pointing at things

A very close relative of TikTok, Instagram Reels is all about short, catchy videos using trending and popular songs. Depending on what subsection of Reels you find yourself in, this could include anything from ASMR videos to teens with catchy dance moves. But that leaves the question: how can you use Instagram Reels for your wedding business?

Here at Something Blue, we could legitimately scroll through Reels for hours. (Don’t judge us – it’s addictive!) After all of our market research, we couldn’t stop coming up with creative ideas for wedding vendors of all varieties to use Instagram Reels strategically for their business. So, we decided to create a Reel-y good freebie!

What you’ll get:

  • An overview of what Reels are
  • Our advice on using Reels for your wedding business
  • PLUS 30Β Reel-y good ideas for various types of wedding vendors

You’re just a couple clicks from creating your first reel.

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