Struggling to write your website’s About Me page?

We remember writing our first About Me pages for our own websites.

The struggle of having already finished everything else for your website except for this one dang page. It should be easy, it’s just writing about yourself! But as you stare at the blank screen trying to figure out what the heck to say to describe yourself without sounding boring or worse, self-obsessed, you start to wonder. Would it be so bad if I just didn’t have an About Me page? Do people really need to know who I am?

Well, lovely, we’re here to tell you that it’s pretty much the most important page on your site, and yes, your business does need an About Me page. We’re not throwing you to the metaphorical website wolves, though.

We’ve concocted a 4-piece formula to crafting the perfect “About Me” page.

Everything from what kind of photo you should use to represent yourself, to what to say, and even how to say it. Our 10-page guide walks you through the whole process, including why an About Me page is important, our 4-piece formula, and guiding steps to bring it into action. Oh, and we’d love to give you this guide for free.

Your perfect About Me page is just a couple of clicks away.

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