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Chickadays are monthly opportunities to receive complimentary marketing advice.

When Something Blue Studio was first founded, our “first date” consultation calls used to last up to an hour. The energy was amazing, and we would always end up giving away way too much free advice. Eventually, we learned to keep some of the good stuff for later on and trimmed the calls down to just 15 minutes (although let’s be real – most of the time they’re still longer!). We still love our first dates with our clients, but we started to miss the energy of helping business owners solve quick problems. A few years later, Chickadays was born as a way to give back to our amazing community and spread some of those good vibes.

Chickadays are launching Fall 2023!

Birds of a feather flock together

Chickadays are open-ended no-sales-pitch brainstorming and strategy calls with the Something Blue team. Each month, we take one full day to give back to the community and answer any marketing and business questions fellow creative entrepreneurs and aspiring marketers have.

When are Chickadays?

Chickadays happen virtually once per month, usually on Fridays. Dates are announced on this page and on our social media channels ahead of time.

How do I sign up for a Chicka-date?

Chicka-dates are booked via our Calendly on this page once Chickadays launches. You’ll be able to select a 30 minute time slot from 10AM to 7PM on the date of the next Chickaday. If the calendar says that there are no upcoming dates, you’re too early!

Do I have to be a client to register?

Not at all! Chickadays were created to help everyone in the community, regardless of if they’re a Something Blue client or not. Heck, you don’t even need to run a business to book a chicka-date! If you have a question that relates to digital marketing in some way or another, you are welcome to book a chick-date to chat more about it.

How long are chicka-dates?

In order to have enough slots available for everyone, chicka-dates are a maximum of 30 minutes long. As much as we love chatting and answering all of your questions, we will be firm on these timelines to be fair to everyone participating!

How many chicka-dates can I book?

In order to let as many people as possible participate in Chickadays, we are limiting the number of chicka-dates an individual can book to one date per quarter (3 months). Abuse of this free resource will result in future chicka-dates being cancelled immediately.

What can we talk about during a chicka-date?

The sky is the limit! Here are some possible topics to get you started:

  • Based on my social media profiles, what should I focus on?
  • Do I need a blog on my website?
  • Should I offer discounts to clients based on my current packages?
  • How do I change the colour of this button on my website?
  • I don’t know what a Meta Pixel is for… can you help?
  • What do I need to know to start email marketing?
  • My website is slow… how can I fix it?
  • Can you help me choose what CRM platform is best for me?

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