Search Engine Optimization is like the clean eating, healthy living plan your website craves.

Sure you can survive on junk food, but your website will work so much better when you give it the proper fuel.

Not-so-fun fact: your pretty website might be smoke and mirrors.

Ok that was a little dramatic, but let me explain:

See, many wedding pros and creative entrepreneurs look at their website from a purely aesthetic point of view. As a designer first, marketer second, I totally get that approach. It’s so important in creative industries to have your artistic vision on display, after all that’s one of the main reasons why clients hire you!

Only, sometimes that creative vision gets in the way of getting clients in the first place. If you’re not framing your content in a way Google and other search engines can easily understand what you’re about, they’re less likely to lead people to your site.

That’s where proper SEO comes in.

SEO acts as the framework for how search engines categorize and analyze the content on your site. If you think of a restaurant menu, you sort of get an idea of where to find the drinks, appetizers, main courses, and desserts just based on the fact that pretty much every single menu is laid out the same way. But what would happen if you went to a restaurant, and the dishes were all listed alphabetically with no descriptions or prices? You’d be super confused, and wouldn’t really want to recommend the restaurant to any of your friends, especially not the picky eaters.

It’s the same thing with your website. The information has to be properly encoded in a way where Google understands what your site is about, and who would be the kind of person that would benefit most from visiting your site.

We make SEO easy to understand and simple to implement, no matter how technical you are.

If you’ve ever tried to search up how to improve your site’s SEO, you’ve probably run into websites filled with complicated-sounding technical terms and phrases. You know it’s useful information if you could decipher it, but who’s got the time when you have a business to run?!

Our SEO services take away the technical jargon and translate it into terms and explanations you’ll be able to understand, so you not only know what needs to be changed on your website, but why. It’s our philosophy that if you understand the basics of SEO, you’ll be able to keep up with it moving forward. Teach a man to fish and all that.

There’s only a few steps to an optimized website:

Step 1: Comprehensive SEO Audit

Our classic comprehensive SEO audit is available for $649 CAD.
Full Technical Review of your website

Using a combination of popular web-based tools, we audit your website from top to bottom and fully analyze the results. This includes on-page content, site speed, accessibility, and more.

Buyer persona content audit

It’s important that Google and other search engines like your website, but it’s just as important that your potential clients can find what they’re looking for too! Based on your target client, we perform a content review of your site from a lead generation perspective to ensure that important information is easy to find, and the overall layout and flow of your website is optimized. This isn’t something you’ll find in an online tool!

Customized Interactive Report and To-Do List

Once your audit has been completed, we’ll put our findings into a fully customized report that explains what the recommended changes are, their importance level, how difficult they’ll be to implement, why the changes are recommended, and information on how to implement the recommendations on your website.

We use for all of our project management, and your report will be in the form of an interactive “to-do” board that you can come back to and implement on your own time.

Review Call

After we send your audit over, you’ll get a chance to sit down with us virtually and ask any questions about your audit and your website. Don’t understand why something needs to be changed? Need recommendations on the best way to manage the SEO workload? We’ve got you covered.

Please note: not all website platforms let end users fix all the technical SEO issues we’ll find. During your review, we’ll discuss what can be fixed, and what your options are. We’ll never force you into implementation or push you towards a ‘solution’ that doesn’t work right for your business!

Implementation Service Quote

Based on the results of our audit, you’ll receive at least one quote for implementation services. Our audits are all written so that someone who isn’t technical can still implement the recommendations, however we totally understand that not everyone has the time to dedicate to their site.

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Here’s what good SEO can do for your website:

Reach more perfect-fit clients

Faster site load times

Look great on mobile devices

Show up higher in search results

Better accessibility

Spend less on paid advertising (really!)

What happens after your audit?

There are three services we offer to clients once their audit is completed. Depending on your website platform, the scope of what’s needed to optimize your website, and the technological level needed for updates, we might recommend some or all of these options to you. We have our clients’ best interests at heart – we’ll never recommend an option to you that we don’t think is the best way forward for your business. It might be a bit of tough love, but that’s the big sister energy we’re known for.

Partial implementation

Not a ton of SEO work to be done? Want us to take on the more technical changes while you focus on the content? We’ve got you covered! During our review call, we can split the work between us – partial implementation is a great way to get professional work if you’re already familiar with updating and editing your site.

Partial implementation starts at $249 CAD
Full implementation

Many clients open up their audit and immediately get overwhelmed by all of the recommendations. While most of them are easy and quick to do, the sheer number of them can make even the most detail-oriented business owner feel a little queasy. Our full implementation service takes the work off of your hands so you can focus on what you do best. You’ll still have access to all of the reasoning behind the changes, and we can leave out any recommendations you’d prefer not to go ahead with for the time being.

Full SEO implementation starts at $1499 CAD
Brand new website

SEO is often one of those tasks that are better done on a fresh new site, especially if there’s a lot of work to do. Just like if you were baking, sometimes your cake can’t be saved and it’s better to start from scratch, and SEO is no different. Whether the list of changes to be made is long, or the platform your website is on doesn’t allow for the changes to be made in the first place, sometimes starting with a brand new website is more cost and time effective.

For clients who purchase an SEO audit and decide to get a brand new website done with us, we apply the full cost of the audit towards your custom website deposit.

Our signature website design package is $4999 CAD.

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Ongoing SEO Support

If you’re in a competitive market and SEO is one of your top priorities, our custom ongoing support packages might be right for you. Consider us as your SEO personal chef and trainer – we’re with you every single day making sure you’re eating right and following your exercise plan.

Based on your current marketing efforts and SEO needs, our package will include keyword research, keyword ranking and reporting, monthly technical audits and optimizations, content writing and support, off-site SEO strategies, and more.

Your SEO action plan awaits

Book a “first date” intro call to learn more about our processes, or schedule your comprehensive SEO audit today to get on the right track towards a well-oiled website machine!