Your products and services are amazing. Let’s tell even more people about them.

Increase your inquiries and sales with a comprehensive paid advertising strategy.

Your products and services are amazing. Let’s tell even more people about them.

Increase your inquiries and sales with a comprehensive paid advertising strategy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: not every business is ready to run paid advertising campaigns.

When most of my clients come to me, they’re not quite ready to run paid advertising campaigns. So instead of charging forward and spending money only for the results to be mediocre, we take a step back and make sure there’s a solid foundation to work off of. Their brand positioning has to be on point and they need to know everything about their ideal client. Their website needs to be well-designed and optimized for search engines and mobile devices. They need a base content strategy in place for social media so that their profiles aren’t empty or out of date. Once all of those pieces are ready to go, then we can start on paid advertising.

I want the best for each of my clients, and sometimes that means not giving them exactly what they want.

My clients trust me to give them the truth, even when it’s hard or not what they wanted to hear. When it comes to paid advertising, I will never suggest a campaign if I don’t believe in it, and I won’t run ads for a company that doesn’t have the basics set up.

At the end of the day, my clients’ wins are my wins, and I want both of us to succeed!

Here’s what your business needs before we’ll start any paid advertising campaigns:

Well-defined brand positioning

Fully optimized website

Consistent social media presence

Paid Advertising Campaign Strategy

Paid Advertising Campaign Strategies start at $799 CAD, price is dependent on the extensiveness of the ad campaign.
Goals and KPIs

To start, we’ll create some overarching goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your paid advertising campaign based on your overall marketing and sales goals. Whether your aim is to reach brand new customers, increase your website’s conversion rate, or engage leads that are already interested in your brand that you haven’t heard from in a while, we can do it all.

Customer Journey Mapping

It’s important to know where paid advertising fits into your overall customer journey. Your paid advertising campaign strategy will include information on when in the buying process potential customers will be seeing your ad along with your other marketing efforts.

Messaging and Design

This is the ad itself! Based on your business’ unique selling features and your ad’s goals, we’ll create messaging and design guidelines for you to follow. These include talking points, samples calls-to-action (CTAs), and recommended visual design.

Want some more guidance with your ad creative? Check out our paid advertising implementation package!

Audience and Keyword Recommendations

Based on your business’ unique customer base, we’ll give recommendations for keywords to target on Google and audience targeting on Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Landing Page Guidance

The page on your website people first visit after they click your ad is just as important as the ad itself, if not more so! Your strategy will provide recommendations for which page on your site to send your advertisements to, along with guidance on creating a sales page that converts if you’d like to create a brand new page to send people to.

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Paid Advertising Campaign Implementation

Implementation for Paid Advertising Campaigns starts at $399 CAD in addition to the campaign strategy fee. Initial paid advertising account setup starts at $599 CAD dependent on platform and ad complexity.

If you love your paid advertising campaign strategy but don’t have the skills or time to implement it yourself, we offer campaign implementation services! In addition to the above Paid Advertising Campaign Strategy package, your Implementation package will give you some additional support and guidance throughout the paid advertising process.

Ad Copywriting and Design

Full breakdown messaging and ad design options based on platform. Your ad messaging will include multiple options to A/B test ads, along with professionally-designed images custom made for all ad placements (such as Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, TikTok, etc.).

Audience Creation

Full audience creation based on demographics or previous client lists. No need to sort through all of the demographic and interest options yourself or keep them broad – we’ll target just the people who are most likely to purchase from you based on the ad platforms’ extensive targeting capabilities. Say “goodbye” to wasting your money showing ads to teenage boys and old ladies if they aren’t your target market!

Landing page design and creation*

Where people go after seeing your ad is just as important as the ad design and messaging itself! Having a consistent message and vibe from one to the other is imperative to a good sales process. Your implementation may include the messaging and design of a brand new landing page just for your paid advertisements.

Landing page design may be quoted separately based on the complexity of the page.

Tracking and reporting setup

Along with the built-in reporting tools provided by the ad platforms, we’ll also ensure your website is properly set up with Google Analytics, appropriate Pixels, conversion and event tracking, as well as installing a user tracking and heatmapping software so we can ensure your ads are performing optimally.

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Paid Advertising Optimization and Reporting

Monthly optimization and reporting starts at $199 CAD, price is based on number of ad campaigns and platforms.

Our monthly optimization and reporting package is the perfect “set it and forget it” option for your paid advertising. Keep up-to-date with monthly reports on your progress and rest easy knowing that your ads are being monitored and optimized all month long.

Ongoing Optimizations

Following the recommendations from the ad platforms as well as our own analysis, we’ll ensure your budget is being optimized across platforms and campaigns, and that you’re not spending money on people that won’t be converting to customers.

Edits and updates to ads can include tweaks and changes to messaging, ad design, targeting, and landing page content to ensure the best overall experience for your users.

Monthly Reporting

Receive monthly reports on your ad’s performance, including data from Google Analytics, ad platforms, and user tracking/heatmapping software. We’ll translate the numbers into data and values that are significant to your business and easy to understand, packaged together in a simple presentation to refer back to for performance. Included will also be recommendations for ads moving forward and other trends that we notice in the data.

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