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Our signature process sets you up for success from the beginning.

Here’s why it’s so important to be a host(ess) with the most(ess):

Say you’re hosting a party at your house, and you want to pack the place. You go out and tell everyone, “hey look, I’ve got a party at my place this Saturday. Gordon Ramsay is doing the catering, and Beyoncé said she’s going to stop by for a surprise performance. You’ve got to come, it’s going to be the party of the year!”

Naturally, you’ll get hundreds if not thousands of people to your party, but how disappointed would they be if the food was actually just a single cheese pizza (the gross cardboard-y kind) and a single 2L bottle of off-brand Coke, and the music was the Friends theme song stuck on a loop?

It’s a bit of an extreme analogy, but a good one to describe why we usually recommend clients follow a certain order when getting marketing services from Something Blue Studio (or other agencies too!) It’s not that you won’t find them valuable if you go out of order, but you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you set your business up for success from the beginning.

Our 3 Stage Approach to Digital Marketing


A Solid Foundation

It's hard to reach the right clients if you don't know who they are! Your business' solid foundation includes a clear target client and visual branding that reflects who you are and the products or services you offer. To top it off, we also get you started with collateral pieces to help you start marketing yourself right away.

A Tech-Powered Website

Once you have your perfect-fit client in mind, you need a home base to give them all the details! We get you set up with a functional-yet-stylish website with all the technology you need, including mobile-responsiveness and search engine optimization. Want to connect to a CRM or another tool you're already using? Consider it done!

A Scalable Promotions Strategy

After you have a great par-tay to lead people to, now’s the time to go drum up some business. This phase is pretty much everything else, including social media strategy, paid advertising, lead magnets, email marketing, content planning, and more to help your dream couples find you. The sky really is the limit!

1. A Solid Foundation

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Visual Branding
Visual branding

Show off your business with a professional visual brand, Package includes: logo files in vector and raster formats, colours, fonts, and an easy-to-follow brand guide. Also includes branding coaching sessions.

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Branding Coaching
Branding coaching

Go beyond your visual branding with a guided deep dive into your perfect client and how to best target them. This 1:1 training program includes weekly or biweekly meetings, worksheets, collaborative brainstorms, and homework.

2. A Tech-Powered Website

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Website Design
Website design and development

Custom website design and development, primarily on WordPress, including DNS and hosting setup, email migration support, and a custom child theme coded in-house to perfectly match your brand.

On very special occasions we will make the exception and work on other platforms such as Squarespace, Showit, and Shopify, however this must be discussed in advance. We truly believe that WordPress is the best option for 98% of businesses! Don’t feel intimidated though – our sites are just as easy if not easier to update than your current platform.

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - SEO
Integrated on-page SEO

All Something Blue Studio websites are built fully optimized for search engines and are mobile responsive. On-page SEO is what we consider as the first step for any business getting into optimizing for search engines. Already past this stage? Let’s talk more about the next stages of search engine optimization!

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Copywriting

Available as an add-on, let us take care of the written content for your site… all we’ll need is some bullet points and any stylistic direction you’d like and you can leave the actual writing part to us!

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Custom Lead Gen Form
Custom lead generation forms

A Something Blue Studio specialty: custom-developed lead generation quizzes and calculators to get valuable information from potential clients without the hassle of multiple emails.

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - E-Commerce Setup
E-Commerce Setup and Implementation

Get your shop up and running online with our E-Commerce add-on, which includes design/development and SEO implementation of your products. Design/development includes on-page styling and base Woocommerce template adjustments.

3. A Scalable Promotion Strategy

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Paid Advertising
Paid advertising implementation, optimization, and coaching

Learn how to create click-worthy ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest or let us manage it for you (includes writing, design, landing page development, and reporting).

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Email Marketing
Email marketing and content support

Monthly email marketing and content support packages - allow us to take care of sending out emails and posting blogs and portfolios to your site while you worry about your clients!

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Graphic Design
Graphic design

Show off a consistent presence online and in-person with design for social media posts, lead magnets like guides and checklists, printed collateral pieces, business cards, email signatures, and more. Our designs are pixel perfect and we play well with professional printers.

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Website Hosting
Website hosting, maintenance, and support

Receive ongoing support from the Something Blue Studio team for your SB Studio-built website, including plugin and theme updates, SEO audits, code tweaks, and other improvements based on current best practices.

Our monthly hosting package includes <24-hour technical support response times, minor website edits, and more all on a super speedy platform. If you're coming to us from a managed platform like Squarespace, Showit, Wix, or Weebly, you'll love the similar 0 maintenance required!

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - CRM Setup
CRM and Project Management tool setup and accountability

If you're looking to get your client process and to-do list squeaky clean, you've come to the right place. We'll set up or analyze everything from a full funnel perspective and automate those repetitive tasks for you so you can focus on providing the best experience for your clients, not on admin. We work with everything including Asana, Trello,, Honeybook, Dubsado, Salesforce, and more to give you the best tools and workflows for your business.

Something Blue Studio Process Icon - Analytics Setup
Analytics setup and reporting

Get your website done somewhere else but still want all the juicy analytics details? Allow us to set up your Google Analytics, Meta Pixel (for Facebook and Instagram), Pinterest Pixel, TikTok Pixel, and more and show you the power of your website data.

For businesses looking to grow, we also provide user experience testing to track behaviour analytics to make better even more web design improvements.

Want to see what we’re made of?

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