AM Floral Studio

Wedding florist brings signature effortless polish to new web presence platform

Introducing AM Floral Studio

It’s no secret that florals are one of the key components to bringing a wedding design together, and we can safely say that Allycia of AM Floral Studio is a master of effortless yet polished floral arrangements. After graduating with a degree in Botany, she moved into floral design to flex her creative muscles and hasn’t looked back!


The “Before”

There comes a time in every small business owner’s journey when their DIY-ed website just doesn’t cut it anymore, and Allycia had definitely reached that point with her website! She loved the overall aesthetic but wanted more polish than what she was able to accomplish with her existing Squarespace theme. Her booking and inquiry process felt clunky and was holding her back, and as she was just about to head into another wedding season, dealing with clunky admin processes was the last thing she wanted to do.


The “After”

We moved the AM Floral Studio website to WordPress to give Allycia the best flexibility possible. Keeping along with her original website’s aesthetic, following her existing branding, and taking inspiration from the gorgeous photos of her work she provided, we were able to marry function with design to create her new website. The websites she brought as inspiration used button navigation to bring visitors further down the page, which we implemented on both her Wedding Packages and Contact pages to bring people directly where they wanted to go. Instead of having an on-page form, we added direct links to her Honeybook forms so she had the flexibility to edit them as needed without having to go onto her website. We also added portfolio pieces for Allycia to be able to show her cohesive floral designs and tell the story behind the amazing works of art she creates.


Allycia of AM Floral Studio


Wedding Florist


Ottawa, Ontario