Ruffled Rose Veils

Veil designer takes advantage of website flexibility with fully customized e-commerce platform

Introducing Ruffled Rose Veils

Ruffled Rose Veils has one of the cutest origin stories I’ve heard in a while. Spearheaded by mother/daughter duo Julie and Jeanine, Ruffled Rose veils have been worn by over 10,000 brides since its inception in 2017. With a focus on affordable luxury, Ruffled Rose Veils carries a wide selection of handmade veils designed and produced in-house out of their home workspace in Ottawa.


The “Before”

If anyone could tell you the challenges that come with quickly outgrowing your business infrastructure, it’s Julie of Ruffled Rose Veils. She reached out to Something Blue Studio after she was hitting the ceiling of what was easily capable with her Wix e-commerce solution, and was looking for a more personalized, luxurious experience than what she could provide on Etsy. Looking to get more into wholesale, Julie wanted a tech solution that could do it all (or almost all of it), be easy to manage, and connect to as much else as possible that she was already using (plus a couple other tools she was planning to implement). Trying to add a wholesale section to her existing Wix site was causing her major headaches, and with one of the busiest times in Ruffled Rose Veils history starting, this was one project she knew she needed expert help on.


The “After”

The new Ruffled Rose Veils website is nothing short of a technological beast wrapped up in tulle. Powered by WordPress and WooCommerce, the site has a separate wholesale section, fully customized product pages with a spot for Julie and her team to update shipping times and other info simultaneously across all pages, shipping categories and logic for brides and wholesales across Canada, the US, and internationally to select countries, a veil guide, and a meticulously thought-out categorization and tagging system so that her brides can find the exact veil of her dreams. Not only that, but Julie’s site currently connects to multiple payment methods, and she can field inquiries from hopeful stockists and wholesalers while keeping the same luxurious experience she’s built her business on. We haven’t even touched on the design of the website either – the perfect blend of modern and whimsical that is easy to navigate but feels like walking into a shop filled to the brim with tulle, pearls, and rhinestones.

Hannah is an absolute gem

“From start to finish, she was professional, attentive, and easy to work with. She really took the time to understand my business needs and delivered a website that exceeded my expectations. The design is fresh, modern and user-friendly. Highly recommend! Thanks Hannah!”

— Julie, Ruffled Rose Veils

Julie of Ruffled Rose Veils


Veil Designer


Ottawa, Ontario