Something Blue Studio - Wedding DIY Services Blog Post - Hannah Crepe Flowers Photo by Photography by Emma Ottawa

Wedding Trend: DIY Weddings

One trend we’ve seen (and experienced!) is the rise in DIY-ing elements of your wedding. Whether it’s invitations, flowers, accessories, or décor, design-savvy brides- and grooms-to-be are foregoing professional help and trying to create magic on their own. While some aren’t quite so successful (hello Pinterest fail compilations!), many couples do succeed in DIY-ing their wedding.

So where does that leave wedding vendors, like yourself? The fear may be that your services are no longer in demand, but that’s not true at all! Brave couples looking to DIY elements of their wedding are looking to professionals like you for advice and education on how they can improve their chances of a successful DIY. Spend the down-time this winter to think of how you can support couples looking to DIY by sharing your expertise (if they pay for it, of course!). What can you create a freebie for? Could you offer a tutorial course? Guided session? Starter kit with materials? Template? Just because you’re not doing the whole project doesn’t mean you have to lose potential clients!

Service Ideas for DIY Brides

  • Offer a kit of products that go along with a tutorial
    • Example: DIY dried floral arrangements where you sell the dried flowers and a private link to a YouTube video tutorial.
  • DJ consultation service for diy wedding playlists.
  • Rent out style “kits” for different types of weddings that include everything they need (plate chargers, tablecloths, votive candles, etc).
  • Calligraphy basics for the DIY bride – paid tutorial or workshop
  • Wedding makeup tutorials
  • Wedding hair workshops
  • Paper flower tutorial & kits

What ideas could you come up to serve DIY brides?