Are you showing up for your business?

We get it. Being the face of your brand can seem like a super vulnerable endeavour. What if people don’t like you? What if they make fun of how you look, or make judgements based off of your appearance? What if you don’t put on makeup one day and people unfollow because you’re not Instagram-polished?

Showing up on your website and on your social media profiles is SO important. Especially in the wedding industry where couples are making very emotional purchases, gaining the trust of your potential clients is essential to filling your calendar.

Think about the longevity of your content

One thing to remember when creating content is to think of the longevity of the content – Instagram Stories are only shown for 24 hours and are more real and spur-of-the-moment. Unless you share them to a highlight or repurpose the video content for another place, the video footage isn’t going to be around for very long. There’s no need to look picture perfect or be completely scripted. People watch Stories for a behind the scenes look at your business. If you make a mistake or stutter a little bit, it’s totally fine! Not only that, but think about how many videos, photos, and other pieces of media you consume in a day. Chances are, you only really remember a fraction of anything you watch.

Your website, however, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. The content you post to your website will probably live on for months, if not years, and it considered the most official information for your business. Get dolled up, have some professional headshots and photos done, because that’s where you want to make the best first impression possible.