Pärla Hair Creates a Fun and Informative Booking Process

While scrolling through Instagram, we noticed that Kira of Pärla Hair was looking for some copywriting help. She was working on updating her current site on Weebly, but wasn’t finding the right words to describe her services in a way to attract potential brides. After our first date chat, Kira was ready to go all-in on a new website that would help her reach her business goals for Pärla Hair.

The team at Something Blue completely redesigned her website with more of a focus on lead generation and search engine optimization. Overall just giving a bit more marketing love. By adding on copywriting services, Kira was able to breathe easy during the website design process, assured that her website would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but a total marketing machine. Hannah and Julia decided on WordPress to host Kira’s website, as it was an easy transition from her current platform and would allow for powerful marketing tools like email marketing, blogging, and a lead generation quiz where potential clients could see how expensive bridal hair services would be from Pärla Hair without having to do any manual calculations or wait for a quote.

The idea to create a bridal hair calculator was really a lightbulb moment. Giving Kira’s potential clients a bit more knowledge on what hiring a hair stylist for their wedding day means less inquiries who ghost her after seeing the price, and the option to fill out the quiz ‘just for fun’ or ‘looking seriously’ means she’s not wasting her time following up with people who aren’t interested.

— Hannah

The Pärla Hair website was built to match existing branding, as the Something Blue team loved the use of geometric shapes in the logo. Those elements were applied to backgrounds and images throughout the site, helping to tie together different photography styles from images by some of the region’s top photographers.

As SEO was very important to Kira, we ensured that all slugs were properly created, as well as meta titles, descriptions, features images, and alt tags, so no matter where Kira shared her work, her site would be putting it’s best foot forward. As she attends many industry workshops and classes, having a strong web presence is important to stand out and be seen as a trend maker in the industry. Just less than 3 months later, the Pärla Hair website ranks on the first page of Google search results for both bridal hair ottawa (1st) and wedding hair ottawa (3rd), allowing Pärla Hair to capture most organic traffic from brides looking for hairstyling services for their wedding day.

My new website is absolutely gorgeous and 10000x more functional that my previous site. Also, all of the by products of this project (namely setting up Google Analytics) has been an absolute game changer! I feel like I received so much more than just a website.

— Kira

In addition to creating the site, the Something Blue team implemented a number of marketing features, including Google Analytics tracking, Facebook Pixel, and integrations with Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. During her post-launch website training session, Kira was shown how to interpret some of the data from Google Analytics to allow her to see where her clients are coming from and what people are doing on the site. She also learned how to update her site herself, including her calculator, so that she can adjust content and prices as needed.

Pärla Hair provides professional and stress-free hair styling services to brides across the Ottawa region, along with 1:1 styling courses for the everygal and a range of personally-curated hair products.

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November 2020



CLient Considerations

  • SEO
  • Easy to update
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • Integrated marketing tools


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Form Building