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After hiring Sea & Silk Events for her wedding, Julia and Amanda began talking about marketing and websites. Unhappy with the look of her current site, Amanda wanted something that better showed off her unique boho vibe. Her current Squarespace site was not cutting it for her in the looks department, and she felt like her site looked like everyone else’s due to Squarespace’s templated elements.

The team at Something Blue knew we could help. Switching Sea & Silk Events from Squarespace to WordPress allowed Amanda to have fuller control over the look of her website, which is so important for an industry as aesthetics-driven as the wedding industry. Adding in powerful SEO and blogging features, and Amanda was ready to start creating educational content to help brides to be, along with showing off her work and services in a way that better suited her brand.

I fell in love with the aesthetics of the weddings Amanda had designed, and I just knew that Something Blue could help show off how gorgeous her wedding designs were in a way that was still easy for her to manage.

— Julia

Drawing inspiration from her previous styled shoots, weddings, and newly launched visual brand, the Something Blue team built a website full of striking imagery and vast white space to give the site an effortlessly cool and chill vibe. Amanda’s hosting plan also allows her to grow her business with off-shoot brands for upcoming ventures, which can be built using the same aesthetics as her main site.

Now, Amanda focuses on creating content to help brides-to-be with wedding inspiration, tips for hiring a wedding coordinator (because let’s be real, you need a wedding coordinator), and the story of Sea & Silk.

You guys were absolutely amazing to work with. I am still in total awe of what you have done for me. You took my dinky diy website and made it everything I have ever dreamed of. You have encouraged me, supported me, and excelled my business to a new level. I truly cannot express enough how thankful I am to have met you two.

— Amanda

Just like every website that Something Blue works on, the Sea & Silk Events website has an array of marketing features, including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest Pixel, and integration with both her email marketing platform and CRM, Honeybook. All of these features combined gives Amanda the data she needs to make better decisions when it comes to her marketing, and streamlines her client process so she can focus more on designing gorgeous weddings for her clients, not responding to emails.

Sea & Silk Events offers custom wedding design, coordination, and planning services in Ottawa. Her style is effortless and boho, and she enjoys bringing a hint of the beach of each of her clients’ weddings.

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September 2020



CLient Considerations

  • SEO
  • Easy to update
  • Powerful blogging features


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Pinterest Coaching