Is Your Branding Updated & Consistent?

You know that Pinterest profile you started a couple of years ago that still has your old logo and copy on it? Yeah, it’s time to update it.

You never know how a potential bride will come across your business online. Your branding should be consistent and recognizable on every platform and touchpoint, from Instagram to your website and even beyond to your quote and client information packages.

Let’s do a quick audit of your website and social profiles

  • Are you using the same logo on your website and your social media profiles? (yes, check your Facebook Business profile too)
  • Are your fonts consistent on your website and in the images you share on social media?
  • Is there a similar font to your own that you can always use for Instagram stories?
  • Are you using the same branding colours on each platform?
  • Is your messaging up to date? Check your about us page, your bio on Instagram, your bio on Pinterest and your business profile copy on Facebook.
  • Are your nine most recent posts on Instagram consistent with the “vibe” that you want to put out into the world? What about your last blog post?
  • Does your email signature contain the right logo and fonts?
  • Do your Instagram Highlights have the right colours and icons for your brand?
  • Does your newsletter template reflect your branding?
  • Does your copy reflect your preferred brand “voice”?
  • Do you have any PDFs (welcome packages, bride guides, etc) that you send to your brides and grooms? Are they consistent with your most recent branding and messaging?
  • Do you have up to date stationery and business cards?
  • Does your client experience, from inquiry to contract, match the type of brand that you are trying to convey?
  • Do you know the difference between your brand voice, brand look, and brand personality?
  • Do your headshots and branding photos reflect the vibe you’re trying to convey?

It is SO worth it to make sure that you are offering a consistent brand experience for your potential brides and grooms. It increases the “know, like, & trust” factor and makes it feel like a more up-scale experience. That experience will make them excited about being a [insert your business name here] bride!

Did you know that we offer branding design services? Need a new logo or want to make sure that your website design is consistent with your social media presence? Let’s get in touch!