Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what brings your website to the top of search results. Something Blue can optimize SEO on all website platforms, including search result meta titles and descriptions, on-page SEO such as heading strategies, link audits and optimization, and image tagging.

SEO is an integral part of our web design and development process to ensure search visibility and proper structures are in place from the get-go.


From blog posts to sales pages and everything in between, how your business sounds and what your marketing says is key in turning website visitors into paying clients.

Something Blue offers a range of copywriting services to clients on a monthly package as well as included in other marketing efforts, such as paid advertising, branding, and social media strategy. All writing is double-checked for grammatical, spelling, and stylistic errors (such as double spaces or improper formatting), and is written to match your brand guide. Blog posts are written after interviews with a member of your team, and follow SEO best practices.

Web Design & Development

Something Blue takes a double-edged approach to web design and development. With a focus on lead generation so your business can attract more brides and a solid foundation of design principles, including mobile responsiveness and user experience, Something Blue creates websites that are an extension of your client experience, not an afterthought or mismatched side piece.

We design and develop websites on WordPress (using both page builders and custom-coded themes and templates), Squarespace, Shopify, Showit, and Webflow. Websites are also built with SEO in mind throughout the process to ensure your site loads quickly and shows up higher on Google search results.

Paid Advertising

For businesses in the wedding industry looking to reach the next level, paid advertising is the solution. Something Blue offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to paid advertising. We’re big believers in data analysis and tracking, so ads are created with proper tracking to report on the effectiveness of each ad.

Our ad creation, management, and analytics services are only available to clients on a monthly package with Something Blue so that we can continue to monitor and tune up ads. Something Blue provides everything from ad copy and image-based ad design, to A/B testing, budget optimization, and monthly historical reporting and layman-terms analysis so you can understand what’s going on with your advertising.

Branding & Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than just a logo, fonts, and colours. It’s a combination of how you look, how you sound, and what your business stands for.

Something Blue offers not only visual branding, but marketing branding as well. Clients who go through our branding process are left with a multi-page brand guide that is developed to help gain clarity on who your brand is trying to reach, what key words and phrases your brand uses, and how to use visual elements of your brand harmoniously. A comprehensive brand guide will guide any and all marketing efforts to ensure consistency so your clients are treated to the same level of professionalism and luxury they receive when they work with you directly.

Analytics Setup & Reporting

At Something Blue, we show you the results. Analytics and reporting are an essential part of marketing, but something most wedding professionals don’t have because of the complicated tools and setup processes.

We offer setup and reporting for Google Analytics and Google Search Console (to track website analytics), Facebook/Instagram Pixel, and Pinterest. Conversion tracking is set up to ensure you can tell if people are completing tasks on your website that turn them into customers, such as filling out forms, signing up for your email list, and downloading specific documents. We know how complicated analytics can seem, so we synthesize the data and put it into layman’s terms so that you can understand the numbers.

Graphic Design

Physical and digital designs are the backbone of your marketing strategy, whether it be social media quote posts or printed catalogues, Something Blue can take your brand experience and transform it into designed collateral pieces that wow your brides and grooms.

We use a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create professional, print-ready pieces for use with self-serve platforms such as Moo or Vistaprint, or your local print shop. For digital purposes, vector or raster images and PDF documents are created with compatibility and positioning in mind.

Social Media Strategy

Especially in the wedding industry, social media is an extremely sustainable and profitable tool that can be implemented. Something Blue offers social media coaching and strategy to ensure your accounts are reaching the right brides and grooms, the content your brand posts is engaging, and that proper social media etiquette is being used across all platforms.

Our social media strategy packages include audits of your current accounts, custom-researched hashtag banks, posting schedules and content calendars, and tips we’ve used to help our clients engage with their audience and sell over social media.

Videography & Animation

When it comes to attracting customers, nothing says upscale, luxury, or captures the bridal experience better than a video or animation.

Something Blue offers videography and 2D animation to a very select number of clients per year to create advertisements, explainer videos, and educational materials for businesses in the wedding industry using a combination of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. You’ll be left with video content that is engaging and educational to use on your website, paid advertising, at events such as trade shows, at your physical location, and on social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Your email list is the #1 best way to reach the people that care about your brand. When social media platforms go out of style or temporarily crash, your email list persists. Email marketing gives your brand direct access to your brides-to-be.

Something Blue offers email marketing strategy, coaching, coding, and automation services to help you segment your list to better target people, then send them timely emails that encourage them to reach out to you, shop your store, or download your latest valuable freebie.

Event Marketing & Strategy

When your business ventures out into the real world, it can sometimes be hard to track the return on investment. Something Blue offers event marketing and strategy services, including booth design, printed materials, landing pages, post-event email marketing and paid advertising, and tracking measures.

We believe that events and physical marketing strategies should be integrated with the rest of your marketing efforts, not disconnected.

Brand Photography

The wedding industry was made for photography. Gorgeous fabrics, delicious sweets, and luxurious backdrops make for photos that sparkle.

Our photography services were made for your marketing. Unlike hiring a general photographer, we take photos that are shot and edited to be used in key places on your website and marketing materials, like hero images, backgrounds, and textures.