Yes, Your Business Does Need an About Page

The hardest piece of content to write for your website is hands down the “About Me” page. You get so used to writing about your products or services, that when it comes time to write about yourself, the mastermind behind your amazing business, all of the sudden you freeze. How do you write something about yourself that relates to the rest of your site, without sounding full of yourself, boring, or worst yet, inexperienced?

Do I really need an About Me page?

It’s so tempting to just omit the About Me page altogether. After all, people are on your site to learn about your products/services, not you and your hobbies, right?

Well, not really. You see, there’s this thing in sales and marketing called the “Know, Like, and Trust Factor”. It’s what successful sales people and business owners have. They’ve discovered the secret to getting people to buy from them is that they need to be known, liked, and trusted.

Your audience has to feel like they know you – the first time you meet them in person, they should already feel like they’ve had conversations with you before. They need to like you, as well. This is a bit of a bigger part of marketing where you need to be speaking to your ideal client, because then your message will resonate better. Truth is, not everyone is your ideal client, and your success comes from figuring out who that person is and how you can best talk to them. Finally, your audience needs to feel like they can trust you. If you’re trying to sell them your products or services, they need to feel like you have their best interests at heart. If you branch out into affiliate links and cross promotions, having that authentic seal of approval will help you make money because people will think “well if she’s recommending it, it must be good!”

Your About Me page is a perfect place to put this idea into action. It’s basically the website equivalent of having the little blue “verified” checkmark on social media. This important page is the place people go to when they see one of your blog posts, your prices, or your work to verify that you are who you say you are, and confirm that you are in fact a professional at what you do. From there, it’s a chance to connect with your audience and allow them to learn more about you on a personal level.