Creating an Instagram Ad Campaign vs Boosting an Instagram Post

If you’re looking to spend a bit of money and increase your reach on Instagram, boosting your posts is not the way to go. While it might seem like an easy option to increase the number of accounts your post reaches, there are quite a few reasons why it’s a better strategy to create an Instagram/Facebook ad campaign in Ads Manager over simply boosting an Instagram post.

Crazy specific targeting

So we know that you can target people by demographic (age, gender, location, etc.), but Facebook takes it a step further. You can actually target people by if their friends recently got engaged, if they like certain pages on Facebook and Instagram, or have other “interests” based on their activity in the apps. That means, if your idea bride is someone who loves brands like Chanel, Coach, and Louis Vuitton, and not someone who would rather spend their money backpacking through Europe (not that those two categories are mutually exclusive, by the way), you can target just to reach people who were engaged in the last 3 months who have luxury interests. That means less money spent on reaching 13 year old boys looking for video game replays and more luxury-loving recently engaged ladies looking for sophisticated wedding vendors.

More detailed analytics

Here at Something Blue, we’re all about the numbers. If we can’t track and analyze something we’re not happy, so anything we can do to have better tracking and more detailed analytics, we’re all for. Using Facebook Ads Manager gives you MUCH better analytics so you can very clearly see how your ad is doing.

Plus, having an account with Facebook Ads Manager allows you to install a Pixel tracking code to your website, giving you even more targeting capabilities. a Facebook Pixel is a special cookie that links your website visitors to Facebook accounts, and can help you create even more specific ads in the future.

Better cost/spend control in Facebook Ads Manager

Another benefit to using Ads Manager for your advertising campaign is that you have access to more advanced cost control features than if you simply boosted an Instagram post. By choosing different ad options like Landing Page views, Conversions, or simply Reach, Facebook can target your ad to people most likely to complete the action your ad is running for.

Advanced image size capabilities/location targeting

A fantastic feature of Facebook Ads Manager is the ability to upload and use different images for different placements (aka Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Facebook Feed, etc.). Each of these placements has a different size image that’s required. By using Ads Manager, you can set a perfectly sized image for each placement, and select which placements you’d like your ad to show up in. Not only does this ensure your ad looks great everywhere it shows up, but it also means you only show up where your clients are. For most luxury wedding vendors, Facebook is not really the place to be. The placement options in Ads Manager allow you to only show up on Instagram where your ideal client hangs out.

Forces you to think strategically

The way Instagram recommends which posts to boost is by how well they’re doing with your followers. Which is great, but a high performing post is not the same thing as a high performing ad. What might resonate with your followers could fall flat to a cold audience who doesn’t have the context of knowing you or your brand. Let’s take an example – a post that you recently got a new puppy might have GREAT engagement on Instagram. Your followers are all for it and are liking/commenting away, but that’s because they know you and they care about you. A stranger might think “hey, cute puppy”, but not give you a follow because of it. Instagram might recommend that you boost this post, but that wouldn’t make sense strategically. Your money would be better spent promoting your freebie, alerting potential clients that your space for 2021 is filling up, or sneak peeking your latest promotion.

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