Finding Your Ideal Bride

At our first date with potential clients, one of the things we ask is who their ideal client is. You’d be surprised how common “hunh, I haven’t really thought about it” is as an answer! Take a moment though and think about your client persona – we’re guessing there’s a certain kind or kinds of brides you’re trying to attract, and some you’d rather not work with.

Give your ideal bride a name

We recommend giving your ideal bride a name. When you post on Instagram, record a video for Stories, or think about the content for your website, write it with her in mind. Your ideal bride will see your client and think “omg it’s like they’re talking right to me!” (which, in fact, you kind of are)

Examples of ideal brides


Sarah is 30-35. She is a busy working professional, and wants a “done for you” wedding that matches her modern, classic aesthetic.


Emma is 22-26. She’s just beginning in her career, and looking to DIY most of her wedding, giving a handmade and organic feel.


Jillian is 25-30. She lives for adventure and is ready to make her wedding a day to remember by incorporating electric decor.

Questions to help you build your client persona

  • what does your ideal client wear on a daily basis? Is she decked head to toe in Lululemon, or a casual jeans and a t-shirt?
  • where does your ideal client shop? Is she a bargain bin hunter, or someone who’d rather spend the money on a higher-end good?
  • what does your ideal client do in her free time? What does she do for work? Does she work for herself? Is she in a corporate job?
  • what magazines, Instagram accounts, websites, etc. does your ideal bride look at for inspiration?
  • what’s your ideal client’s Starbucks order? Or does she prefer making a coffee at home? Is champagne more her speed?